Brass etch detailing items for N scale wagons, locos and scenery.

Some kits can be put together with superglue if you can not solder all that well.
Please be careful as the etches may contain sharp corners or sprues.  
Wagon Details Kit Number 1.    Shunters steps and stirrup steps.

Wagon Details Kit Number 2.    Three types of brake hand wheels

Wagon Details Kit Number 3.    Spider brake hand wheels.

Wagon Details Kit Number 4. VR Ladders
Victorian Railways picket fence 100ft
Australian Iconic Windmill - Southern Cross 
Broad Gauge Models N scale VR seats 4 pk 
Broad Gauge Models N Station Detail Pack 
Kit has the following: 1 ticket gate, 3 whistle board crosses,1 luggage scale, Next train sign, 2 VR seats, 2 "No Road" signs, pedestrian scale, clock face, station wheelbarrow and 2 target station name boards.