N Scale Signs

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I have had many comments about the signs used on my layout ‘Wallan’ and decided to make these and others available. Each is printed on High Quality Silk Cardstock using state of the art Laser equipment printing at very high resolutions. Also featured on the enamel signs are the correct reverse side enamelled finish.

SD014 $4.00

48 “Beware of Trains” and “Trespassers Prosecuted” signs


SD015 $4.00

29 Railway Career and Travel posters seen hanging on station platforms


SD016 $4.00

37 different enamel signs from our past


SD017 $4.00

27 Modern signs. Eg KFC, Esso, Holden etc


SD018 $4.00

Railway Timetable posters featuring singles, doubles and triple notice boards plus chalkboards and “Notice” to passenger boards


Griffiths Bros $4.00

56 “Miles to Griffiths Bros Teas” signs in 28 mileage versions


SD024 $5.00

75 Victorian Railways and country road signs from the 1940's onwards


SD025 $5.00

324 Road signs 112 diffrent types. Correct colour for signs printed on the reverse
Low Res picture shown below for illustration purposes only 


SD009 Curve boards $4.00

Curve boards are a common sight all over the Victorian Railways system and are placed at the entrance to a curve whenever a curve is sharp enough to require a speed lower than the maximum track speed


Speed boards $4.00

Modern era speed curve boards