Current HO scale Items available from Spirit Design.

Most items come with history notes.


Brass etch detail parts.

Code Description RRP
SD101 Southern Cross IZ windmill $27.00

Modeller's Aids

MMHO Model Mate HO 3.5mm Scale $49.00
MMHO4mm Model Mate HO 4 mm Scale $49.00
FM01 File Mate $18.75
DDMHO Deluxe Model Mate HO 3.5mm with tool storage draw $65.00
DDMHO4mm Deluxe Model Mate HO 4 mm with tool storage draw $65.00
SDHO015 30 Railway Career and Travel posters seen hanging on station platforms. $4.00
SDHO016 37 different enamel signs from our past. $5.00
SDHO017 27 Modern signs. Eg KFC, Esso, Holden etc $4.00
SDHO018 Railway Timetable posters featuring singles, doubles and triple notice boards plus chalkboards and “Notice” to passenger boards. $4.00
SDHO019 56 “Miles to Griffiths Bros Teas” signs in 28 mileage versions $4.00