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I use a Versa laser VL300 which has a maximum cutting surface 600mm x 300mm.  Please allow a minimum of 6mm (10mm preferred for safety) all round your drawing for holding the material down on the laser bed.
What can I make from my laser items?
Model Train Structures Model Aeroplanes
Desk Accessories Gaskets
Dolls Houses Model Ships
Hobby Models Matt Board
Signs Station Signs
Number plates Templates

Decorative Inlays

Architectural Models Architectural Models
Foam Industrial Prototypes Leather Award Plaques
Name Badges Cases / Housings Scrapbook Pages Part Identification

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What can be cut or etched?

Material Engrave Cut
Plywood Yes Yes
Hardwood Yes Yes
Softwoods Yes Yes
Balsa Yes Yes
Bass wood Yes Yes
MDF Yes Yes
Wood Veneer Yes Yes
Matte Board Yes Yes
Plastic Yes Yes
Acrylic Yes Yes
Delrin Yes Yes
Cloth Yes Yes
Leather Yes Yes
Marble Yes  
Melamine Yes Yes
Paper Yes Yes
Mylar Yes Yes
Cardboard Yes Yes
Anodized Aluminium Yes
Tile Yes  

Items marked in purple still require some further testing.

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